Most of my writing has fallen into at least two of these categories: current politics, cultural history, LGBT issues, and data. I’m particularly interested in comedy, understanding it and doing it.


Words and math

“Sabbath’s Tweeter,” a statistical analysis of Trump’s Shabbat tweets (2/10/2017)

“‘Will Be Familiar to Many Readers,’” a statistical analysis of Michiko Kakutani’s favorite clichés (8/21/2017)


Humor writing

“Highlights from the Gutenberg Hearings,” a riff on Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance before Congress (4/13/2018)

“More—And Less—Than a Raisin in the Sun,” a theater review of the 2017 eclipse (8/21/2017)

“Chicago West is a Bad Name for a Kardashian Child and I’ll Tell You Why,” a Borgesian perspective (1/19/2018)

“The 66 Things I Am Worried Will Go Wrong for Hillary Clinton in the Debates,” a sad relic (9/26/2016)